Whether they're 2 or 22, pictures are still important.

We all prioritize pictures when they're little. They're changing so quickly and it feels so important. But then they grow, and they don't want to wear what you want, and they feel a little awkward and mumble under their breath... it's stressful, so you tell yourself you'll skip a year. Maybe you accidently skip two. Or maybe five. It happens, but let's try again. We will make it not-totally-miserable for your husband. We will make it enjoyable for your kids. We will laugh and talk about whatever it is the kids want to talk about, it will feel like we walked a lot and shot just a little. Mostly like we just hung out, and snuck some pictures in between.

I will always, gladly, play Simon Says with your toddlers. I will chase your babies, and make dino sounds with your 4 year old, and let your 7 year old show me how fast she can run. But I will also ask your teenager about how cheer is going, or about how excited he is to drive, or whatever it is that has their attention that week. Whether we're in the studio, in your home, or roaming outside, I promise you will end up with images that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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